Ao Nang is a hidden exotic location that will make your mouth water like you’re front row at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Ao Nang is a hidden exotic location that will make your mouth water like you’re front row at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Thailand is sexy by default. Something about it just sizzles with sex appeal making it a huge turn on for wanderlust travelers worldwide. Although there are plenty of attractive places to visit, Ao Nang is a hidden exotic location that will make your mouth water like you’re front row at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. With its visually alluring atmosphere, seductive culture, and tantalizing food fare, you’ll be one amongst many of the young, mesmerized visitors.

“Ao Nang” is the shortened form of its formal name, Ao Phra Nang, which translates to “Princess Bay” for obvious reasons – it looks like it’s fit for a princess! Ao Nang is considered to be the most “Westernized” beach in Krabi, and was originally a backpacker hotspot before it started slowly moving upmarket as its beautiful beaches attracted higher flyers.

Although it’s still not as developed as it’s popular party spot neighbor, Phuket, Ao Nang is considered to be arguably Thailand’s best all around beach due to its central location in the Andaman sea and it’s fabulous topography. While many Thai natives live in Ao Nang, it’s more of a place for work, where they can easily thrive in the tourism industry. From my experience, the Thai people are all exceedingly friendly, especially if you take the time to learn to say “Sawadee kah/krap” (hello).

If you want more of an in depth experience with the Thai culture, spend some time in Krabi town, where many of the locals live, work, and play. You’ll learn that food is a major focus of their culture, with a plethora of different options at their many markets and restaurants. In Ao Nang, there are still many traditional Thai restaurants, however there is a large population of Indian-owned restaurants that offer either Indian or Italian food, and usually have a promoter luring clients in from the sidewalk.

Another interesting thing about the Thai culture is that they worship their queen immensely, and you’ll see her photo almost everywhere you look. I also learned that Thai people adore pale skin, so if you’re planning on getting a tan, bring your own tanning oil, because the majority of sun care products sold in Thailand have bleaching agents in them to keep your skin extra white! Speaking of products, the Thai people are incredibly creative and skilled, and offer gorgeous handmade goods from souvenir wooden penises to three-piece suits.

Traveling on a budget? No problem. This place will make you feel as glamorous as a Hollywood starlet. Not only is everything already dirt cheap, but the exchange rate is about 32 baht per 1 U.S. dollar. So forget the tacky backpack and tourist clothes and get your glampacks ready, because when you’re in Ao Nang, you’re going to want to look as sexy as it makes you feel.

Thai people adore pale skin, so if you’re planning on getting a tan, bring your own tanning oil, …sun care products sold in Thailand have bleaching agents in them to keep your skin extra white!

You won’t need me to tell you that the first thing you’re going to want to do is head to the beaches. Sultry islands only accessible by boat off the shore of Ao Nang will make you want to have sex on the beach the second you see them. It’s no wonder why one of the James Bond movies was filmed there; the island is as stunning as he is! You can take a tour to the James Bond Island, but I’d recommend the 4-Island Snorkeling Tour for the ultimate sensory overload. It’ll be tempting to book the tour online in advance, but wait until you get to Ao Nang because there are tourist booths every other block that offer them for cheaper, and you can even bargain down the prices.

A fun, friendly, local guide will pick you up from your hotel in the morning and take you to the longboat departure area along with several other passengers from different hotels. Prepare to become instantly aroused as the slender wooden longboat adorned with orchidaceous garland glides easily through the clear, warm, turquoise waters that surround the various pieces of lush paradise. The first island you’ll visit is Koh Tup, which you’ve probably seen before on any postcard of Thailand. Go ahead and snap a few pics, you’ll definitely be the envy of Instagram.

Next you’ll cruise over to Chicken Island, called so because the rocky formation literally looks like the head of a chicken. Your tour guide will give you a mask and snorkel so you can dive into the invitingly warm Andaman Sea waters and get a glimpse of the many brightly colored fish. You’ll also get a glimpse of what the other people on your boat look like half naked. Let’s just say I was the most popular person on mine with my itsy-bitsy Brazilian cut bikini.

Poda Island is next, and is where you’ll get to eat your lunch that’s included with the tour, and mingle with dozens of other travelers from all over the globe. Your tour guide cooks the authentic Thai lunch, which typically consists of chicken and veggies in a coconut broth over white rice. There’s a little bar on the island that serves beer, but I went ahead and brought my own bottle of wine in my bag, which instantly made me a lot of new friends.

It was the most culturally stimulating lunch I’ve ever had in my life. Since I’m usually the one asking a ton of questions about other cultures, it didn’t occur to me how popular LA is in some other countries until I realized I looked like the poster child for a California Girl to everyone on the beach. After taking a photo for a large, amiable and attractive family from Dubai, they insisted I join in for a picture where my blonde hair and blue eyes failed to blend in with their sultry dark features. As I was scrambling to answer questions about where I was from and where I’ve been, I was overheard and approached by more travelers, insisting that I must visit their homeland in Egypt next.

Traveling on a budget? No problem. This place will make you feel as glamorous as a Hollywood starlet.

The sudden social fest provoked more people to become intrigued, and suddenly I was in another photo shoot with a young travel group from Malaysia who I still keep in contact with. Speaking of keeping in contact, you won’t always have your phone with you, especially on the islands, so what I did before my trip was make cheap business cards with my name, email, and all of my social media accounts on it so that when I met people from other countries, they could easily find me online.

After lunch you’ll go to your last island, which is home to the famous Railay Beach. Just approaching the picturesque island is enough to make your tummy tingle. The mere sight of the handsome granite colored cliffs clothed with vibrant green fauna, sitting serenely on the glassy waters is simply breathtaking. Once docked, try not to get too distracted with the adorable and playful monkeys on your way to Railay Beach, and beware, they’re cute but they will steal your food!

Pranang, the sea goddess of Railay Beach, will seduce you the second you see her glorious kingdom, and will lure you easily into its silky waters. You’ll literally want to swim naked so the sensual waters can caress every part of your body. When I finally pried myself away from the effervescent shore, I walked to what I thought was a souvenir store nestled in a cave in the distance. It turned out to be Pranang Cave; a fertility shrine filled with wooden penises that people place inside of it as an offering!

After almost dying of shock and laughter, I noticed some other young travelers swimming back from under the massive solid cascading rock formation that is the main attraction of the gorgeous backdrop. Like a siren was singing my name, I slipped back into the water and swam to the private little beach under the cave, and then climbed up its dangerous jagged walls for a bird’s eye view of the entire island, and the ultimate ending to my 4-Island Tour.

Back on the mainland you’ll find the lively little beachfront town, overflowing with restaurants, bars, hotels, and shops where you can catch a happy hour or buy the latest fashion trends for a ridiculously good bargain. You can get all dolled up for the night in one of the many luxurious Ao Nang resorts, that’s right, resorts, which only cost around $40 USD per night. Booking in advance is an option, I used for one of them, but the best way to discover a hidden gem for a steal of a price is by walking around your favorite area and seeing them for yourself. The Anyavee Ban Ao Nang Resort was my favorite and most affordable place, plus its lobby looks like a tropical jungle. The Princeville Ao Nang Resort is extremely jungle-chic and luxurious and faces the beach for only a little more moolah.

Once you’re cleaned up and are ready to show off your sexy new tan and tousled beach hair, head outside for some arousing culinary creations and libations. There are many food options along the bustling street, but I happened to choose the one with the best happy hour special for wine and authentic Thai food. I literally fell in love with the most delicious Red Curry I’ve ever tasted in my life there, so much so that I went back for the same dish all three nights that I was in Ao Nang. Pad Thai is also an absolute must but I should warn you that Thai food back home will never taste the same once you’ve experienced the real thing!

After the sun shows off the sexiest sunset you’ll ever see, the heat of the night begins to dance around the warm, clear evening air. Almost every bar has live music with extremely talented musicians who can do an impressively similar rendition of American artists. Since the town is small, you’ll probably see a lot of the people you met on your tour, and they’ll be just as excited to grab a drink with you as the locals are!

If you’re in need of a calm, relaxing evening like I was after accidentally acquiring the worst sunburn I’ve ever had, you can opt for a traditional Thai massage, which are offered almost every other block for only about $5 an hour!

But what sexy Thailand photo album is complete without a trek through a tropical jungle? Grab your glampack and book one of the inexpensive tours in Krabi Town just an hour north, and experience a crystal clear pool in the middle of a jungle, natural hot springs, and even an elephant ride!

With such a beautiful culture, atmosphere, and vibe, I can guarantee that you won’t be able to stop marveling at how absolutely magical Ao Nang is!