As if the Italian Riviera wasn’t already sultry enough, the most beautiful people in the world flock to Sestri Levante to enjoy the finer things in life.

Elegantly nestled along the Italian Riviera between the Baia del Silencio (Bay of Silence) and the Baia delle Favole (Bay of Wonder) is the sumptuous isthmus of Sestri Levante. The once quiet fishing town is now flourishing with wanderlust globetrotters, enjoying the idyllic sandy beaches, famous Italian food fare, and romantic cobblestone streets of the seaside city.

Vibrantly colored houses along the seashore, crisp white boats dotting the glistening azure waters, and just enough greenery to showcase the acres of olive trees makes Sestri Levante the true hidden gem of the Liguarian Riviera. History adds to the charm of the town, and makes a debut in many of the converted hotels and landmarks. The 18th century Basilica of Santa Maria di Nazareth embellishes the city with its neoclassical pronaos that holds a valuable painting by Domenico Fiasella.

As if the Italian Riviera wasn’t already sultry enough, the most beautiful people in the world flock to Sestri Levante to enjoy the finer things in life, adding to the town’s aesthetic appeal. Leggy international models shimmy down into latest styles in swimwear so they can frolic effortlessly through the pristine Mediterranean waters, as onlookers admire them from the shores and yachts. They have come from around the globe for a high fashion photo shoot for GEOCHIC Magazine, famous for their stylish cultural collaborations.

A fair-skinned Russian beauty with bright red lips and a sultry stare cozies up to the chiseled chest of male model from Israel for the perfect shot in front of seaside town. In just one photo a world of styles and cultures are combined, showcasing the good life, and everything that embodies Geochic Magazine.

In town, along one of the narrow winding roads, a French model with an exotic flair lets her long legs extend out from a fluid skirt, as a photographer captures her alluring appearance. As she poses in the latest fashions, her carefree French vibe mingles with the aesthetic Italian atmosphere, for another perfect representation of Geochic’s mission to celebrate global style and culture.

In just one photo a world of styles and cultures are combined, showcasing the good life, and everything that embodies GEOCHIC Magazine.

Italian culture boasts all around, as the models explore the romantic city either by foot or by bicycle. The aroma of food is so robust, that it’s no wonder why the Italians’ call Senstri Levante, “The Fragrant Kitchen of Italy”. Fresh seafood, garlicky pesto, and soft focaccia make for a delicious dinner, as they all raise a glass of dry white Italian wine to toast to il dolce vita.

Later, the models head back to their high-end hotel, the Hotel Vis à Vis, built in 1961 through ideas of accumulated appreciation of the best of land and sea. Described as a “vessel on dry land”, the Hotel Vis à Vis sits on a dominant hilltop location, offering its prestigious guests a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean in emulation of the first class ships of a now-departed era.

Unlike its internationally acclaimed neighbors like Portofino and Santa Margherita, Sestri Levante offers a more personal and exclusive experience of the Italian Riviera. Safe from the overpopulation of tourists and tabloids, Sestri Levante attracts models, jetsetters, world travelers, and celebrities, looking for the ultimate foreign affair with the posh and pristine Italian seaside.

When they’re not basking in golden sunrays on the bow of their yachts, with their dazzling eyes hidden by oversized movie-star-style Chanel sunglasses or a sleek pair of Armani aviators, the GEOCHIC models might be found enjoying the other activities of the once-island. While a bicycle is a fantastic means of transportation, it is also a fabulously romantic activity to engage in, whether it’s for a shoot, or newly found amare. You might hear a constant flirtatious laugh and catch glimpses of flowing fabric as the gorgeous models light-heartedly dance about town, seduced by the culture and ambiance.

After a long day of bronzing, exploring, and enjoying the finest in Italian cuisine, the models might opt to end the night early, or spend it relaxing under the warm, starry sky. But if their dancing shoes don’t want to stop moving, there’s always bound to be a local discothèque that they can dance the night away in.

For the true adventurer, you might opt to take a hike to Cinque Terre, a close-by town made of five villages where there is very little corporate development. Like Sestri Levante, its historic and cultural attributes have been well preserved, making it the picture perfect poster-child of authentic Italian Riviera.

“Picturesque” would be an understatement for both towns, since a picture isn’t enough to make one believe that they are real places. But some of the best photographers in the world are somehow able to capture those thousand words that aren’t quite describable on paper when you’re at a loss for describing inexplicable beauty.

A care in the world couldn’t be had when the ease of the good life weighs down on you so blissfully in Senstri Levante. It almost feels as if a seductive guitarist, who plucks at your heartstrings with the utmost precision, is constantly playing an Italian love song. Then again, with the most exquisite scenery, wine, atmosphere, and people, it’s quite hard to argue that Sestri Levante isn’t an Italian love song itself.