In all its colors, GEOCHIC is a cultural and visual composite. We present strong, sophisticated, beautiful images that celebrate the beauty in every culture.

Beauty Reborn

The ancient Greeks searched not for Immortality or the Holy Grail. Nor did they travel the world looking for hidden treasures. Their quest was for something even less tangible, even more holy, but equally as inaccessible. Beauty

Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue

Try bold colors that you never imagined and use complimentary colors and hues that contrast your outfit and accessories. Make any lip color look astounding and flattering for your lips, face, personality and style.

Wild Rose

The juxtaposition of soft rosy eyes and cheeks against raven hair and alabaster skin conjures up thoughts of similar images where hard and soft marry perfectly. Think of leather on lace, black on white and the contrasts of a strong woman’s character

The New American Look

While “All American beauty” is a phrase that is still very much on the tips of our tongues, in the context of modern American culture, its meaning is ever-expanding and infinitely more inclusive than it has been in decades past.