Hipster style, sexual identity, tattoos, hair extensions …. What does what we wear or how we express ourselves say about us and to the world?

What Is Sexy?

It’s a question that seems so straightforward when we look at it from a personal point of view. Our own view of what makes a particular person sexually attractive is one of the most unique things about us.

Diversity Achieved?

Do films and TV shows truly represent our multi-cultural society?
They’re meant to be mirrors – reflecting our own society, representing different people and telling various stories as they relate to our own lives and circumstances.

Black Girl, No Booty

Nicki Minaj has one that has been rapped about, Jennifer Lopez has one that has Twitter accounts dedicated to it, and Kim Kardashian has one that’s is possibly capable of breaking the internet. Booty is in, but this time it has gone global.

Alternative Fashion

Are you a Lolita, with demure Victorian-inspired dresses and elaborate costumes or are you a post-hippie with hipster style? Should you be wearing harem pants or a corset? Who knows?