Celebrate global style, beauty and culture


Food Is One Of The Key Pillars Of Culture

From delicious street food to the best restaurants, celebrity chefs to the latest trends, we give you a literal taste of global cuisine.


Authentic Travel Experiences

We embrace the people and immerse ourselves in the culture as we examine the impact of different cultures intermixing on a global scale.


Hotspots Around The Globe

GEOCHIC explores interesting or quirky boutiques, galleries, museums, shops, hotels, spas and hotspots around the globe.


The Politics Of Appearance

Hipster style, sexual identity, tattoos, hair extensions …. What does what we wear or how we express ourselves say about
us and to the world?


Celebrate Global Style, Beauty And Culture

GEOCHIC gives a passionate, inside look at all the cultural influences that shape fashion. We capture the heat, color and sensuality of the changing face of fashion.


Real Beauty Is Global

In all its colors, GEOCHIC is a cultural and visual composite. We present strong, sophisticated, beautiful images that celebrate the beauty in every culture.